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These are what links i know,
and this is my rating system: 4 green dots is the best.
If you have a link of any type, email me and let me know what the adress is, the name
of it, and finnaly, the description and rating of it using my rating system
note: later on, this and 3 or four pages will have forms directly
on the site

Ti-85 links: ~ good site , i give it 

Texas Istruments ~ The official site, 
(note: people say that Texas Instuments web site does not have any games, but when i went there, there was a lot of games! so check it out if you want to see what it is like)

Good site for information, i give it


Other Sites ~ Shareware and Freeware, 

 Freeware32 ~ Mostly Freeware, 

Freeware Home  ~ The best freeware site around,

Yahoo ~ Great chat room, email, and more,

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here is the GIF:
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because i am shure that you already know how to:

or how about my more favorite one?

note: i thank all webmasters for choosing
to add a link to there site